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Latest Activity

Foo's latest activity is making new pets such as the Bombay and the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC).

About Legacy Foos:

Legacy FooPets are pretty difficult to spot if you don't know what to look for. Many members confuse older Foos as Legacies because of the pet's age, but that's where they're making the mistake. You can't just look for any random older pet that was born in 2008 and call it a Legacy because more times than not, it's just a regular FooPet. There are certain specific rules a pet has to go by in order for it to be considered as a Legacy.

Most Legacy dogs and yes, cats, have ID numbers below 4,811,100 and have birthdays between December 14, 2007 - October 22, 2008. There are some that have ID numbers above 4,811,100, but in order for them to be a Legacy, their birthday has to come before July 30, 2008 or they have to have Pokey pictures.

The reason for the birthday? The breeding feature was first introduced July 31, 2009. Many members accelerated their pet's ages for breeding, putting a lot of non-Legacy pet's birthdays into what I like to call, "Legacy territory". However, they are not Legacies because they have never been a Pokey.

About GoPokey:

FooPets used to be just a FaceBook application called GoPokey! and it was launched February 14, 2008.

On December 22. 2008, was launched and replaced the Pokey app on Face Book with FooPets. It also did away with the original Pokey pets and replaced them with Foos. The changes upset many users and they made it perfectly clear to Dr. Ron. So 4 days later on December 26, 2008 he announced:

"Dear Pokey users,

We screwed up, and we're working hard to make it right! We have brought back all the original puppies and given you the puppy you had before. Please note that these Legacy puppies will not have many of the new animations of the newer puppies and kittens, but they should look and act the same as you are accustomed to. We cannot promise that we can expnad their capabilities over time, but at least you have now what you once had. Also note that any new puppies and not Legacy puppies will be available in the Shelter for new adoptions, so that we do not perpetuate the problem of non-improvable puppies."

So from that day forward the only way to get a Pokey was to get one from someone who already had one or someone who was breeding them and it would be 2nd generation, 3rd generation and so on. All of the Pokies who were abandoned by their previous owners were eventually taken in by the Shelter and once the go to the Shelter, they were turned into FooPets and spayed/neutered if they were over 4 months of age.

Odd stats:

Yes indeed, there are some "oddstats" but they are glitches. The usual stat limit is five, but some odd stats can have 6,7,8,9,10 or anything higher than 5 stats! That's considered a lot! Foopets fixed those glitches so all the odd stats are really rare (even rarer then Legacy Pokeys )! Oddstats, depending on their number of stats, can be worth a lot of foodollars.

Lost stats:

These pets, like Odd stats, come in all breeds, generations, and genders. Lost stats are pets that have at least one Personality stat below the minimum for that particular stat.

Uber Lost stats:

These pets, just like the Lost stat pets are much more rare than a regular Lostie. These guys will usually have a Personality stat -10 and below for that particular stat.

Balloon Heads:

A "Balloon Head" is a Tuxedo Mix cat that had a strange glitch happen to it in mid February, 2009. This glitch made the cat's head appear to be slightly larger than normal sometimes whenever the cat was laying down. This glitch was only active for about 10 days, making any Tuxedo who has pictures of it being a "Balloon Head" considered as incredibly rare.

Legacy Pokeys:

Legacy Pokies are the very first pets that were introduced when FooPets was GoPokey. Before March 31, 2011, Legacy Pokies of all breeds were considered as extremely rare and valuable and you could only obtain them by buying them from other members (which made them rare). Nowadays, you can just shelter surf for them since now you can adopt them straight out of the Adoption Center and you don't have to go through a "middle man" to get one.

How to find a pet's stat percentage:

To find out the percentage of your pet’s stats, add together the green/grey numbers and then add together the numbers on the right side. You then take the answer from adding the green/grey numbers and divide it by the answer you got by adding the number on the right side and you should get a decimal. The first two numbers after the period is your pet’s percentage. If the third number after the period is a 5 or higher, you round up the second number and delete all the rest. (ex: 0.798341432425 = 0.8 or 80%) If the third number is a 4 or lower, you leave the first two numbers as is and delete the rest. (ex: 0.7921434254352 = 0.79 or 79%)

Ultra stats:

An ultra is any breed of cat or dog that has a stat percentage of at least 80%. Here is a list of the stat totals for every breed of pet in order to determine how to tell whether your pet is an ultra or not:

Note:the larger number is the pet's maximum stat total for its breed.


Australian Shepherd : 784 : 628

Beagle : 714 : 572

Boston Terrier : 722 : 578

Boxer : 710 : 569

Bulldog : 714 : 572

Chihuahua : 658 : 527

Dachshund : 730 : 584

Dalmatian : 700 : 560

German Shepherd : 834 : 668

Golden Retriever : 790 : 632

Great Dane : 702 : 562

Husky(Black) : 753 : 603

Husky(Red) : 805 : 644

Jack Russell Terrier Rough Coat : 719 : 576

Jack Russell Terrier Smooth Coat : 821 : 657

Lab(Yellow) : 731 : 585

Lab(Black) : 741 : 593

Lab(Chocolate) : 740 : 592

Lab(Marley) : 770 : 616

Mastiff : 724 : 580

Miniature Pincher : 766: 613

Miniature Schnauzer : 716 : 573

Pit Bull : 745 : 596

Portuguese Water Dog : 660 : 528

Pug : 625 : 500

Rottweiler : 727 : 582

Shiba Inu : 727 : 582

Weimaraner : 695 : 556

Westie : 683 : 545

White Poodle Mix : 694 : 556

Yorkshire Terrier : 681 : 545


Abyssinian : 711 : 569

Bengal : 741 : 593

Bombay : 711 : 569

Calico : 721 : 577

Cream Persian : 605 : 484

Himalayan : 636 : 509

Long Haired Silver Tabby : 718 : 575

Maine Coon : 721 : 577

Mix(Tabby) : 691 : 553

Mix(Black) : 728 : 583

Mix(Tuxedo) : 698 : 559

Mix (Orange) : 713 : 571

Nebelung : 739 : 592

Norwegian Forest: 711 : 569

Russian Blue : 736 : 589

Siamese : 747 : 598

White Cat : 736 : 559

Dates all pets were introduced:

This is a record of all pets that were introduced:

Pokey dogs

German Shepherd introduced Jan. 2008 

Siberian Husky introduced January 2008

Rottweiler introduced January 2008

Yellow Lab introduced January 2008

Black Lab introduced January 2008

Chocolate Lab introduced January 2008


Chihuahua introduced January 2008

Yorkshire Terrier introduced June 2008

Labrador “Marley” introduced Summer 2008

German Shepherd introduced Dec. 2008

Siberian Husky introduced December 2008

Rottweiler introduced December 2008

Yellow Lab introduced December 2008

Black Lab introduced December 2008

Chocolate Lab introduced December 2008

Dalmatian introduced February 2009

Pit Bull introduced February 2009

Australian Shepherd introduced March 09

Weimaraner introduced March 2009

Westie introduced March 2009

Jack Russell introduced April 2009

Golden Retriever introduced April 2009

Port.Water Dog introduced May 2009

White Poodle introduced June 2009

Boxer introduced July 2009

Pug introduced July 2009

Mini Pinscher introduced August 2009

Mini Schnauzer introduced August 2009

Shiba Inu introduced September 2009

Dachshund introduced September 2009

Beagle introduced October 2009

JackRussellRC introduced November 2009

Bulldog introduced December 2009

Great Dane introduced April 2010

Boston Terrier introduced June 2010

Mastiff introduced August 2010

Red Husky introduced March 2011


Tuxedo Mix introduced fall 2008

Black Mix introduced fall 2008

Tabby Mix introduced fall 2008

Orange Mix introduced February 2009

Himalayan introduced March 2009

Cream Persian introduced April 2009

Silver Tabby introduced May 2009

Siamese introduced June 2009

Bengal introduced September 2009

Calico introduced November 2009

Maine Coon introduced December 2009

Russian Blue introduced January 2010

White Cat introduced March 2010

Abyssinian introduced May 2010

Nebelung introduced June 2010

Bombay introduced October 2011

Norwegian Forest introduced December 2011

Well known members on FooPets:

(feel free to add your name to the list)

RoseTheCalico/LovesElementsOfSukio/KittensAreCute15- A very nice and kind member who loves cats and wishes she had a male calico

TheSuperSaiyanKat- She is a great member who is awesome and loves dinosaurs

KillJoy- a member who is strange in a good way who can always be funny

Dorkeh- this is the most famous member on foo who has a different way of seeing things that lead her to be famous. She is very cool, and she has MANY stalkers.

Icannibal- Idorkeh's number one fan who likes demo and animal from the muppets

Ninja-FoREVer-TheRev- a member who has a love for Avenged Sevenfold. She'll always be an Avenged Sevenfold fan FoREVer. ( to whoever added their username on here, stop TaLKiNg LIkE ThIS )

Protwilighthater- she is famous for her depressed side and loving harry potter and hating twilight

Xerteria - Better known as Strong-wolf12. Spent years on the site, and stuck with Foo through it all. This user was forced to quit due to her not being able to afford ClubFoo any longer.

Trainer-Victoria7704: A member who goes and takes care of her Foopets. She's a kind member. She is crazy in a good way and is funny. And will accept ANY FRs.

PittehMalikTomlinson- Loves her friends and her pets!!  She adopts pets out of the shelter and finds them forever homes. She's very kind, and will accept all friend requests! :P

Labs-are-Love: A very loving and respectful member, can be grouchy sometimes but, is very awesome. She cares and loves her friends and it doesn't matter who you are, or what you do. She will stick up for you, as long as your on her good side. Such a great member.

ILOVEMYPETS- : An awesome member, her best friends are Luna, Labs, and many others. She loves her pets and newest pet, Chloe, her FLPH. ^.^

Ghost-Ish-A-Stalker/White-Zombie/Nightmare-444/I-Am-Insane-YAY/Living-Dead-Girl- (Yes, she has 5 accounts, LOL): She is weird and sometimes creepy, but she is very kind-hearted, generous, and very artistic. She has a lot of knowledge about FooPets and loves to help others and answer their questions.

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