Pokey GSD

A PokeyGSD

FooMojo, a company that resides in California, created FooPets, interactive 3-D pets. Here is the official older description:

"FooPets are the world's cutest and most realistic virtual pets. Adopt your own 3D interactive puppy or kitten today, absolutely free of cost!

FooPets get hungry and thirsty, enjoy playing with toys, crave attention, and love being spoiled by their owners. Just like real pets, FooPets' health and well being depends on regular feedings, care, and lots of play!

A FooPet may be adopted by anyone 13 years of age or older. You can easily earn enough FooGems by logging in every day to keep your FooPet fed, groomed, and happy, or you can buy FooDollars in the FooBank and shop for Featured FooPets and thousands of supplies and accessories in the FooMart!

FooPets can be played with here at or on Facebook and MySpace, with more locations coming soon!"

You could adopt a free pet by working in the adoption center for 30 days, or by paying through ClubFoo. ClubFoo is a option on foopets that allow you to get membership only exclusives.

Foopets can get hungry and need constant attention. If you take care of your foopet for 10 or more days, a bonding badge (BB) will appear, indicating how much care you have given your Foopet.

Another Foopet after your first one will cost 50 foodollars min, which is one of the two types of currency on Foopets. Unlike Foogems, which can be earned through playing games with your foopet, Foodollars(FD) must either be bought or earned through the bank.

Starpoints are a measure of your care on foopets. All members start out as a Foobie, the lowest level you can be. A Foobie is represented by a blue pawprint. Your starpoint level determines how much pets you are allowed to have. The maximum is 50 pets per account.

Breeding can occur on foopets. To breed, first you will need at lest one Litter Liscence(LL) which costs 60 foodollars. Then you need to find a breeding partner through the breeding forums. See the FAQs on Foopets for more details. GoTeamGale 21:10, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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